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The City of Edinburgh – A Beginner’s Guide

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Seeing as the majority of students at the uni come from outside Edinburgh (and often outside of the UK), I thought it would be helpful to feature some information and facts about the city of Edinburgh to help everyone to get a sense of Edinburgh life. As someone who has been living in Edinburgh for   …Continue Reading

The University of Edinburgh in pictures

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Hey there everyone! I thought this week it would be fun to show everyone some pictures of the area you’ll be spending a significant amount of your time at Edinburgh in. As Social and Political Science students, most of your classes will be in the Central area, which is based around George Square at the   …Continue Reading

Some Quick Facts about the University of Edinburgh and SPS

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Hello and welcome to the first Pre-Arrival Edinburgh blog! Hopefully in the next few weeks this blog will offer helpful and fun advice and info on Edinburgh and the University itself from the perspective of a student at the School of Social and Political Science. I thought it would be nice to start this series   …Continue Reading

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