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Things To Do in Your First Few Weeks in Edinburgh

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This post is designed to offer some fun and interesting ideas of things to do while you’re still settling in to Edinburgh. You’re never really lost for things to do in Edinburgh, so this is by no means an exhaustive list! Go to a ceilidh A ceilidh is a traditional Scottish dance event, which obviously   …Continue Reading

Undergraduate Academic Life: Lectures, Tutorials and Outside Courses

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By now you might be wondering what everyday life will be like once you’ve started your studies at the School of Social and Political Science. Hopefully this blog will help to clarify how your degree will be structured at the University of Edinburgh, as well as letting you know what happens in day-to-day academic life.   …Continue Reading

Student Health, Wellbeing and Support

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I was recently asked a question about healthcare by an incoming student, and thought that it would be a helpful thing to cover at this stage. It is easy to forget quite how unique the British health system is, and hopefully this blog will help international students get to grips with how it works, as   …Continue Reading

International Students

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The purpose of this blog is to express the diversity of our student population, the range of different places that our students come from and the support and community environment which the university provides. We have a huge international student population at the University of Edinburgh, and as a Scottish student, I’ve been lucky enough   …Continue Reading

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