Moving to University: Societies (& Sports Clubs!) (Part Three)

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It’s the last week of the societies feature and this week we meet one wonderful society and a sports club who are both very dear to my heart! Both the North American Society and EUWSC have been a huge part of my life at Edinburgh and have provided many wonderful night outs and friends. Remember that societies and sports clubs can provide you with some awesome opportunities, skills, friends and memories. They really are what you make of them. I hope that their answers can show you just how much you can get from being a society member… maybe one day you’ll even be on a committee!


University of Edinburgh Surf and Windsurfing Club

1. Tell us a little bit about what you study and how you got involved in the EUWSC. What your role is now and how it has benefited your time at university?

My name is Matt Newton and I’m going into my 3rd Year of studying Biological Sciences in September. I got involved in EUWSC in my first year – going out surfing with people at the beaches nearby and going on trips. Last year I was one of the Social Secretaries – responsible for organising our weekly social nights – but this year I will be the treasurer.  I hadn’t done much surfing before I came but I have improved greatly! I met a great group of people and it has got me out of the city to some beautiful beaches across Scotland.

 2. What is the EUWSC and what do you do?

EUWSC is the Edinburgh University Windsurf and Surf Club. We do both Windsurfing and Surfing locally to Edinburgh but also organise many trips throughout the year: surfing up North in Thurso, windsurfing and surfing on the island of Tiree, and even head down to Newquay for the yearly BUCS Surf competitions. There are a range of abilities from those who had never windsurfed or surfed before to those who don’t look out of place surfing Thurso East (Google it!). We try and organise as may lessons as possible for beginner and improvers and everyone is always willing to give tips and advice. Every week we have club socials – be it flat crawls, scavenger hunts, fancy dress – and although we may not have the reputation of other sports clubs, we definitely know how to go for it!

 3. What do your society members gain from being a part of your society?

They become connected to an amazing group of fellow windsurfers and surfers who are keen to get out on the water. Our Facebook groups are used to organise impromptu trips with people offering spaces in cars when they are heading out. There are also the trips we organise which are a great way to travel around Scotland and get to know people. We have all the equipment which members can use including wetsuits which should keep you warm despite the low water temperature.

The wonder EUWSC out Windsurfing!

The wonderful EUWSC out Windsurfing. Don’t they look lovely!

 4. What was the best event/social you had last year and why? Are there any funny stories?

Best social would have to be one of the flat crawls. We started in Vodka Revs and headed round a series of club members flats having a different drink at each one. The last flat before we went out culminated with everyone filling the lounge and dancing to Katy Perry… You can never really predict the trajectory of the socials!

5. Is there anything else you would like to add?

During Fresher’s Week we have a Beach Party where we take a coach full of people, wetsuits and boards down to Dunbar beach for a BBQ and opportunity to have a go surfing and to see what the club is about. It would be great to see you there! Take a look at our website and follow us on Twitter @EUWSC for more information.



University of Edinburgh North American Society

1. Tell us a little bit about what you study, how you got involved in EUNAS, what your role is now and how it has benefited your time at university.

My name is Alex Marinaccio, and I’m a 4th year student studying International Relations at the University of Edinburgh. I’m from a small town in New Hampshire, USA and have really enjoyed my time studying in Scotland. I became involved with EUNAS during the end of my first year. The society started as a group of students who were interested in helping register voters for the U.S. Presidential Election in 2014 and I decided it was something I wanted to get involved with.  At the first meeting everyone was excited and it became clear that a society which represented and celebrated North American culture was something which was both missing from campus and desired by students. At our first AGM I was elected Treasurer and got the chance to join the committee for the society’s starting year. EUNAS has truly benefited my time at the University of Edinburgh. I’ve met many of my good friends through the society and have been able to help organize many events which I feel make a difference both in the local Edinburgh community and in a broader sense as well. From registering over 200 voters for the U.S. general election in 2014 and raising over 3000 pounds for the Edinburgh Woman’s Rape and Sexual Abuse Center (EWRASAC) to working with the University to develop a greater careers and alumni network in the USA, everyone on the EUNAS team has helped to contribute. As the newly-elected President of EUNAS for this upcoming year, I hope to keep up the society’s good work and promote an atmosphere that is welcoming for all students and all interests.

 2. What is EUNAS and what do you do?

EUNAS is the Edinburgh University North American Society. We’re a cultural society, and our goal is to celebrate and share US and Canadian culture. We’ve put on many cultural events in the last few years – from a U.S. election party (which the Principal of the University in attendance!), sporting events including ‘Sunday Funday’ American football, a massive annual Superbowl party at Teviot , and an annual Thanksgiving Ball. The society is really around for its members – we’re interested in putting on any events that our members want! With both social and academic events, EUNAS is designed for students of all interests.

 3.  What do your society members gain from being a part of your society?

Personally, I think EUNAS is a great way to meet new people. I’ve met some of my best friends through the society, and have watched as the same thing has happened to many of our members. We’ve also worked out many discount deals at restaurants and bars in Edinburgh! In addition, our society’s fantastic Alumni & Development team have been working closely with the University to better develop a network of alumni and job opportunities in North America, as well as support for North American graduates. Down the line we’re hoping to have a dedicated list of jobs/internships in the United States and Canada that University of Edinburgh students can apply to. Overall, EUNAS is a society with both social and networking aspects. Being part of the society allows you to meet new friends who share similar interests, and allows you to get involved with the University’s work in North America.

EUNAS members and committee looking all snazzy for their Thanksgiving Ball.

EUNAS members and committee looking all snazzy for their Thanksgiving Ball.

 4.  What was the best event/social you had last year and why? Are there any funny stories?

The best event we held last year was our annual Thanksgiving Charity Ball. In the afternoon we played a pick-up American football game, and later spent the evening at the Balmoral Hotel. With traditional Thanksgiving food, raffles and live-music, EUNAS was able to raise several thousand pounds for local Edinburgh charities. Each Thanksgiving Ball has been better than the last – be on the look out for our Thanksgiving Ball next year!

 5.  Is there anything else you would like to add?

In the end, EUNAS is nothing without its members. My goal and the goal of everyone on the committee is to put on events and provide support for both students from North America, and students elsewhere who are interested. We’re an incredibly inclusive society, with nearly half of our membership being students who aren’t from North America. Everyone is really welcome – whether or not you’ve been to North America, or are interested in learning more. If you want to get involved, or have any ideas, please feel free to email me at and get in touch. Thank you!


Remember that you can always look up any societies that aren’t featured by looking through the societies page on EUSA.  Our wonderful Sports Clubs can all be found on the EUSU page. You can also meet them all at the Societies Fair and the Sports Fair on the 10th of September during Fresher’s Week!


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