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Should I get a part-time job?

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Many students work a part-time job while at university. Some work during the semester and some don’t. Some students have to get a job and others don’t. It is all relative to your personal circumstances and choices. Personally, I have had a part-time job ever since I started university and I’ve really enjoyed it. It   …Continue Reading

Postgraduate Life from a Student’s Perspective

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This week we have a wonderful guest blogger, Alyssa, who studied with us here in the School of Social and Political Science twice! I asked Alyssa to give some insight in what postgraduate life was like for her. She has an especially interesting insight as she came back into education after working. Hopefully this gives some of   …Continue Reading

My First Year in Pictures.

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After a week of hiatus, I am back! I know that many of our lovely undergraduates will have received or will be receiving their exam results soon. I hope that everything has gone well and that you are all now excitedly preparing to join us. This week I wanted to give you all a taste of   …Continue Reading

Spotlight on… Academic Staff.

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As you can imagine, academic staff within the School of Social and Political Science become a big part of your life as a student at Edinburgh. They are one of the biggest sources of knowledge that you can tap into as a student. Forming good relationships with academic staff members is extremely beneficial as they   …Continue Reading

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