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My First Year in Pictures.

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After a week of hiatus, I am back! I know that many of our lovely undergraduates will have received or will be receiving their exam results soon. I hope that everything has gone well and that you are all now excitedly preparing to join us. This week I wanted to give you all a taste of   …Continue Reading

Spotlight On… Accommodation.

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We’ve recently been asked a lot of questions from students about finding accommodation within Edinburgh, especially by our lovely Postgraduate students. The thing is, I am no expert in all things accommodation, although I wish I was sometimes! Instead I have decided to link you to those who are there from the University of Edinburgh to give   …Continue Reading

My Edinburgh Bucket List.

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We’re deviating from the usual ‘Spotlight On…’ series for one week only today. While writing last Tuesday’s post, I found myself realising that even after living in Edinburgh for 2 years there was so much I had yet to do and so many areas of the city that I was yet to explore. To remedy   …Continue Reading

Moving to University: Seeing, Doing, Eating and Exploring.

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This week I have racked my brain and asked my fellow School of Social and Political Science friends to think about everything there is to see, do, eat and explore in the wonderful city of Edinburgh. The city, much like the University, is full of diversity, culture, friendly people and lots of great things to   …Continue Reading

Areas of Edinburgh

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We’ve been getting a lot of messages from students looking for accommodation recently, so I thought it might be helpful to give you all a run down of the areas of Edinburgh which tend to be most popular with students. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and due to the excellent bus service   …Continue Reading

The Edinburgh Festival is Here!

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Wondering what’s going on in Edinburgh right now? Well, the answer is A LOT! This blog will hopefully give you a little bit of an insight into how Edinburgh changes in August as well as letting you see what the university area looks like right now! We’re now into day 4 of the Edinburgh Festival   …Continue Reading

Things To Do in Your First Few Weeks in Edinburgh

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This post is designed to offer some fun and interesting ideas of things to do while you’re still settling in to Edinburgh. You’re never really lost for things to do in Edinburgh, so this is by no means an exhaustive list! Go to a ceilidh A ceilidh is a traditional Scottish dance event, which obviously   …Continue Reading

The City of Edinburgh – A Beginner’s Guide

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Seeing as the majority of students at the uni come from outside Edinburgh (and often outside of the UK), I thought it would be helpful to feature some information and facts about the city of Edinburgh to help everyone to get a sense of Edinburgh life. As someone who has been living in Edinburgh for   …Continue Reading

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