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Should I get a part-time job?

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Many students work a part-time job while at university. Some work during the semester and some don’t. Some students have to get a job and others don’t. It is all relative to your personal circumstances and choices. Personally, I have had a part-time job ever since I started university and I’ve really enjoyed it. It   …Continue Reading

Postgraduate Life from a Student’s Perspective

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This week we have a wonderful guest blogger, Alyssa, who studied with us here in the School of Social and Political Science twice! I asked Alyssa to give some insight in what postgraduate life was like for her. She has an especially interesting insight as she came back into education after working. Hopefully this gives some of   …Continue Reading

The Grad School Club

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This week we have a guest blogger, Katherine, who is a current Msc Global Environment, Politics and Society student and one of the founders of the fantastic Grad School Club. Katherine is an engaging and thoughtful member of the School of Social and Political Science community and is an absolute pleasure to have on the blog.   …Continue Reading

Spotlight On… Graduation.

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This week I had the absolute pleasure of attending the Graduation Reception in the Playfair Library. We saw our wonderful Graduates from the School of Social and Political Science celebrate their day with friends, family and partners. There were lots of smiley faces all round! I thought it would be a great idea to catch a   …Continue Reading

Moving to University: Study Space.

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One of the realities of university life is that studying becomes even more important than it might have been within your high school or college life. The biggest thing I had trouble with when making the adjustment to university life was getting into a good routine of studying. Finding a place that provided a comfortable,   …Continue Reading

Moving to University: Seeing, Doing, Eating and Exploring.

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This week I have racked my brain and asked my fellow School of Social and Political Science friends to think about everything there is to see, do, eat and explore in the wonderful city of Edinburgh. The city, much like the University, is full of diversity, culture, friendly people and lots of great things to   …Continue Reading

Spotlight On… International Edinburgh.

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Here at the University of Edinburgh, we are a diverse and welcoming community and by joining us you will be surrounded by people from across the globe. Our students have all kinds of thoughts and differing opinions, likes and dislikes and a lot of great stories to tell. For me, this is one of the reasons that I wanted   …Continue Reading

Spotlight on… The University of Edinburgh.

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Every Thursday this blog will be the home to a series of ‘Spotlight on…’ posts talking about everything from University of Edinburgh buildings and part-time jobs to the famous Edinburgh Fringe. If you have any requests for this series, please don’t hesitate to comment! This week we’ll be taking a general look at the University of Edinburgh and the   …Continue Reading

Areas of Edinburgh

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We’ve been getting a lot of messages from students looking for accommodation recently, so I thought it might be helpful to give you all a run down of the areas of Edinburgh which tend to be most popular with students. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and due to the excellent bus service   …Continue Reading

Looking Back on First Year: Advice From Current SPS Students

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Hopefully everyone is starting to find their feet a little bit by now and getting excited to start the first week of teaching. Starting something new can be as intimidating as it is exciting, so I thought you guys might appreciate some tips from some current SPS students about what they wish they’d known when   …Continue Reading

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