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Spotlight on… Academic Staff.

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As you can imagine, academic staff within the School of Social and Political Science become a big part of your life as a student at Edinburgh. They are one of the biggest sources of knowledge that you can tap into as a student. Forming good relationships with academic staff members is extremely beneficial as they   …Continue Reading

The Grad School Club

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This week we have a guest blogger, Katherine, who is a current Msc Global Environment, Politics and Society student and one of the founders of the fantastic Grad School Club. Katherine is an engaging and thoughtful member of the School of Social and Political Science community and is an absolute pleasure to have on the blog.   …Continue Reading

Moving to University: Societies (Part Two)

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It’s week two of the societies feature and this week I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing the Social Anthropology and Sociology societies. These two lovely societies will conclude the SSPS affiliated part of the societies feature. Next week we will be focusing on societies which exist outside of the School of Social and Political   …Continue Reading

Spotlight On… Pastoral Care.

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The Student Support Team in the School of Social and Political Science are the first point of contact for advice and guidance on administrative and pastoral matters. Pastoral care is split into two main points of contact, Personal Tutors and Student Support Officers. They both have wide and often overlapping roles which allows for you,   …Continue Reading

Moving to University: Societies (Part One)

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This week we’re starting a very exciting feature on the blog! Over the next three weeks we are going to be featuring some wonderful societies, four of them being directly linked to the School of Social and Political Science and the other societies are ones which exist outside of SPS. This week’s subject based societies do everything   …Continue Reading

Spotlight On… Academic Success.

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Thursday has come around again and it’s time for another ‘Spotlight On…’ post. As requested by some students in our lovely Undergraduate Facebook groups, we’re focusing on academic success this week. I know when I started university I was really anxious about performing well academically so it’s a completely normal feeling to have. A lot of   …Continue Reading

Spotlight on… The University of Edinburgh.

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Every Thursday this blog will be the home to a series of ‘Spotlight on…’ posts talking about everything from University of Edinburgh buildings and part-time jobs to the famous Edinburgh Fringe. If you have any requests for this series, please don’t hesitate to comment! This week we’ll be taking a general look at the University of Edinburgh and the   …Continue Reading

Welcome to the SPS Pre-Arrivals Blog 2014

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Hello and welcome to the first Pre-Arrivals Edinburgh blog for the 2014 entry year! I am Sarah, I’m 20 years old and a current SPS undergraduate studying International Relations. Just like you, I have been through the same experience as you are going through now. Although it can be daunting at times, I hope to   …Continue Reading

Looking Back on First Year: Advice From Current SPS Students

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Hopefully everyone is starting to find their feet a little bit by now and getting excited to start the first week of teaching. Starting something new can be as intimidating as it is exciting, so I thought you guys might appreciate some tips from some current SPS students about what they wish they’d known when   …Continue Reading

International Students

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The purpose of this blog is to express the diversity of our student population, the range of different places that our students come from and the support and community environment which the university provides. We have a huge international student population at the University of Edinburgh, and as a Scottish student, I’ve been lucky enough   …Continue Reading

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