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Improving care for older people – together

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“The recently published special issue of the Journal of Integrated Care features articles from practitioners involved in the collaborative PROP – Practitioner-research: Older people project. In this blog, Catherine-Rose Stocks-Rankin celebrates the aims and outcomes of practitioner-research.”   Read in full at CRFR Blog

Scottish Government Yearbooks 1976-92

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“The Institute of Governance has provided open online access to the full text of the full run of Scottish Government Yearbooks (1976-92).”   Read in full via Nationalism Studies.

NHS Scotland: safe in whose hands?

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“NHS Scotland has moved centre-stage in Scotland’s referendum debate, with each side making claims about its fate. But is everyone missing the point about the underlying health funding crisis?” Read in full via  Public Finance Opinion.

What future for childcare?

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“One of the questions not raised in the Referendum debate on the 5th of August was what the result might mean for childcare. Professor Bronwen Cohen asks what future for childcare beyond the referendum.”   Read in full at  Scotland’s Referendum: Informing the Debate.

Hunger Matters

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“Jessie Gunson (Flinders University, South Australia) kindly gave a CRFR informal seminar during her recent visit to Scotland. In this blog, Jessie and colleagues Megan Warin and Vivienne Moore (University of Adelaide, South Australia) recount the seminar and give us some insight into their recent research.”   Read in full on CRFR Blog.

The Uncelebrated Union

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“Neil Walker responds to last week’s debate, noting that ‘what  was not said was more interesting and more revealing than what was’. This piece was originally published at the Scottish Constitutional Futures Forum.”   Read in full at Scotland’s Referendum: Informing the Debate.

Self-harm and the media – unpicking the ‘rise’ in self-harm among young people

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Dr. Amy Chandler responds to recent media coverage of youth self-harm statistics and both the problematic use of statistics and images in this reporting which reflect wider misunderstandings of self-harm. She argues greater effort must be put into understanding the multiple subjective definitions of self-harm and the factors which cause it.   Read in full   …Continue Reading

Can babies be homeless?

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“Wendy Bunston from La Troube University in Australia kindly presented a seminar based on her PhD research during a recent visit to CRFR. Using infant observation and interviews with mothers and staff, Wendy is exploring what happens to the baby when they first enter refuge after fleeing family violence.”   Read in full at CRFR   …Continue Reading

Keeping Mothers in Mind: Trauma informed approaches to supporting mothers who have experienced violence and their young children

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“Angelique Jenney, Director of Family Violence Services at the Child Development Institute in Toronto, Canada is visiting CRFR in August as part of our ongoing collaborative work on gender-based violence. Angelique has kindly agreed to give an informal seminar while she is here. In this blog Angelique introduces us to her work on the impact of   …Continue Reading

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