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NHS Scotland: After the Referendum

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“With the referendum over, Scotland’s political leaders have a range of public services to run, even if the electorate have denied them a country. About a third of their budget goes on health, and most of that on the NHS. According to a confidential government document, leaked in the final few days before the poll,   …Continue Reading

What does transformative participation mean for children and young people?

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“Children and young people’s participation in decision-making is increasingly promoted in countries across the world and internationally. Yet such participation continues to face remarkably similar challenges across contexts and countries: challenges such as tokenistic involvement, lack of impact, short-term and unsustainable activities, and concerns about who is included and excluded in such activities. How can   …Continue Reading

Lessons of the Rotherham report

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“What can Scotland learn from Rotherham? Sarah Nelson draws very clear conclusions from the Rotherham report – in what it tells us about the  attitudes held by authority figures towards vulnerable young people and why guidance to identify victims of child sexual abuse has been ignored.”   Read in full at CRFR Blog

Presenting Feminist Institutionalist Perspectives

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“Rowman & Littlefield International have launched a new series – Feminist Institutionalist Perspectives – which seeks to publish cutting-edge work on gender and political institutions. Edited by Fiona Mackay, Elin Bjarnegard and Meryl Kenny – and launched in partnership with the Feminism and Institutionalism International Network (FIIN) – this series represents the ‘next stage’ of development of   …Continue Reading

Understanding K* and what it means for knowledge exchange in Scotland

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“The CRFR KE reading group focus in August 2014 was to explore ideas of knowledge exchange through reading Expanding our understanding of K* – a concept paper emerging from the K* conference held in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, April 2012, that CRFR Co-Director Sarah Morton had attended. We wanted to explore how K* concepts relate to   …Continue Reading

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