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Routes out of poverty: education and social mobility

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Education and social mobility can alleviate child poverty, but not in the way the government supposes, i.e. by improving future educational outcomes of poor children in order that they do not become poor adults. Rather, child poverty in the here and now can be alleviated if we allow low-income parents free access to further and   …Continue Reading

Developing an evidence service for the children and families workforce

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Karen Seditas shares learning from the Evidence Request Bank – a one year pilot development project which aimed to open up the evidence base for delivering public and third sector services to children and families in Scotland. Read in full via the CRFR Blog.

The poor and their health needs: hard-to-reach, still?

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In early September, I attended a three-day Zimbabwe all stakeholder conference on health in Victoria Falls, as part of the ‘innovative spending in health’ project. This event revealed, among other challenges, that just over 10% of Zimbabwe’s 15 million population has medical aid cover. This means that the majority of the country’s urban and rural   …Continue Reading

Teenage parents: moral problem, social problem or no problem at all?

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Dr Sally Brown from Durham University recently visited CRFR to present a seminar on her qualitative research with teenage mothers and mothers-to-be. She recounts her findings in this blog. Read in full via CRFR Blog

Women in Scottish Politics: Travelling the Distance

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The announcement last week of Nicola Sturgeon’s leadership bid to replace Alex Salmond heralds an important turning point in Scottish politics: for the first time ever, three of the main Scottish parties will be led by women, and Scotland will have a female first minister. It also comes on the heels of a two-year long   …Continue Reading

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