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Hunger Matters

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“Jessie Gunson (Flinders University, South Australia) kindly gave a CRFR informal seminar during her recent visit to Scotland. In this blog, Jessie and colleagues Megan Warin and Vivienne Moore (University of Adelaide, South Australia) recount the seminar and give us some insight into their recent research.”   Read in full on CRFR Blog.

The Uncelebrated Union

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“Neil Walker responds to last week’s debate, noting that ‘what  was not said was more interesting and more revealing than what was’. This piece was originally published at the Scottish Constitutional Futures Forum.”   Read in full at Scotland’s Referendum: Informing the Debate.

Internet sex offenders: a danger in the “real world”?

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“A recent TV debate – on whether offenders who view images of child sex abuse online are also likely to commit contact assaults against children – saw some heated exchanges, at a time when child sexual abuse cases (CSA) are in the news almost daily. In this blog, Dr Sarah Nelson, CRFR Research Associate at The   …Continue Reading

Why shouldn’t Scottish prisoners get to vote?

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With the referendum for Scottish independence upcoming, Tim Hayward’s question has three possible contexts of application: it could be about the position of Scottish prisoners as nationals of the United Kingdom in political elections; it could be about Scottish prisoners under independent Scottish jurisdiction; or it could concern the say of Scottish prisoners in the   …Continue Reading

Making Children’s Rights Real

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Authors John Davis, Louise Hill, Kay Tisdall , Liam Cairns and Selwyn McCausland consider how to make Scotland the best place to grow up in following the launch of ‘Social Justice, The Common Weal and Children and Young People in Scotland’, with the Jimmy Reid Foundation. Published in full via CRFR

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