Work completed (7th June – 28th June 2016)

  1. Matrix and Redis
  2. Dan K
  3. News Items – Charlie Jeffery awarded CBE
  4. News Item – SSU 50th Anniversary
  5. Spirit media account set up
  6. AID email – 2nd send
  7. Jane Mansbridge video – training and edit
  8. Q-step Prospectus content
  9. Photography for Lisa McCarmick
  10. UG Graduation
  11. Kaltura API
  12. Ethics and risk forms – feature detection for older browsers
  13. Analytic add-on
  14. Agnostic edit nav (inline edit)
  15. Questions ethics forms (group permissions)
  16. Anthropology poster
  17. Scaffolding GDC course – Learn
  18. Tilt online lectures
  19. Pre-arrival blog entries
  20. SEO research


Word Completed 18 May – 6th June 2016

  1. Curious Edinburgh Logo
  2. PG AID Mailout
  3. ONELAN RSS Integration
  4. Explore Social Policy Videos (Morag, Daniel C, Elke)
  5. CAS DL Courses – scoping and planning improvements
  6. CAS E-learning workshop
  7. Inline edit Functional Spec for Improvement
  8.  PIR Honorary Degree poster
  9. Intern arrival preperation
  10. Ethics Form rebuild post upgrade
  11. Ethics for data management
  12. Aog Sharepoint Support for teaching


KJB Away at conference

Annual leave for Cate, Keith T, Paula, Rosie, Jamie

Work completed (5 April – 25 April 2016)

  1. ONELAN templates
  2. Learn Playground
  3. SGSSS video hire
  4. Centre of African Studies (CAS) website: move to new templates
  5. Add new PURE metadata and templates to mark
  6. Photography
  7. Inline Edit code refactor planning
  8. Inline Edit: file replacement issue resolved
  9. Design Academy of Government (AOG) Sharepoint structure
  10. Science, Technology and Innovation Studies (STIS) website: move to new templates
  11. CeSeR editing functionality
  12. Social Anthropology (SAN): move to new templates
  13. Add Google Analytics template update to all websites (including newly build subject and centre sites) in Matrix
  14. Social Work temporary site
  15. Online courses evaluation
  16. ‘Prior’ request form
  17. Symposium re-edit
  18. SKAPE website: move to new templates
  19. Anthropology poster for Toby Kelly
  20. M4U analytics
  21. Add related people and projects functionality to CAS templates
  22. Link manager for staff and student profiles on subject and centre websites
  23. Curious Edinburgh briefing research
  24. Research Ethics form: integration of admin functionality into search page
  25. Inline Edit CKEditor filtering refinements
  26. Bones Collective website: move to new templates and tidy-up

Work completed (18 March – 4 April 2016)

  1. Social Work subject website revamp
  2. Intern interviews
  3. Revision Takeover promo materials design
  4. Politics & International Relations subject website revamp
  5. Sociology subject website revamp
  6. Social Work Centenary logo design
  7. Social Work Centenary website wireframing
  8. Latin American Symposium filming
  9. Latin American Symposium video editing 1st draft
  10. Integration of Social Policy tagging mechanism into Inline Edit Application
  11. Finalisation of MM4h course PDFs
  12. Centre for Security Research news & events
  13. SPS Web Team WordPress setup
  14. Onelan setup part 1
  15. Anthropology Scotland event flyer design
  16. Research Ethics form – administration panel sorting enhancements
  17. esearch Ethics form – filtering enhancements
  18. Research Ethics form – reporting enhancements
  19. Some in Academia poster design
  20. New issue of Bricolage
  21. National Student Survey campaign