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Welcome to the GLADS blog! Please click on the ‘About’ tab to find out the background to this project and get in touch – by email, Twitter, or here via this blog – to contribute to this knowledge exchange series.

With this project, we want to facilitate a better understanding, assessment and promotion of well-being by examining the social, economic and environmental dimensions of individual happiness and a good society.

Our project builds on the Scottish Futures Forum’s Rethinking Wellbeing seminar series in 2012-13 which aimed to contribute to the development of policy and practice in Scotland and further afield, including the refinement of the Scottish Government’s National Performance Framework ‘Scotland Performs’.

A central tenet of GLADS is to develop a multidisciplinary approach and engage with a wide range of audiences, reaching out of academia into the public, private and third sectors to explore how, practically, well-being can be incorporated into decision-making both in policy circles and through action on the ground.

The launch event provided an overview of what’s been studied by various actors such as the OECD, the ONS, Oxfam, and academics, thus serving as a stock-taking exercise. You can access the background briefing and presentations on our website. In our next event, on 14-15 May, we will endeavour to examine the relevance of well-being to a number of subject areas – health, place/space, and employment/ work – and discuss potential strategies for embedding the pursuit of societal well-being into decisions and actions.

Please follow us on Twitter and keep an eye out for more details on the programme. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to take part.

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