Edinburgh Sustainability Jam 2015

Can you solve a global issue in 48 hours?
That was the challenge for 45 participants in the Edinburgh Sustainability Jam this year.
In the face of dwindling natural resources, increased socioeconomic pressures and environmental degradation come motivated individuals ready to tackle these issues. This year’s Edinburgh Sustainability Jam fostered collaboration to find solutions to these rising problems. A theme sparked the imagination of participants.

The task was to concieve ideas to address issues in sustainability, around which they formed teams. Expert mentors advised each team in order to guide their ideas and ground them in reality. They were (1) Edible Cutlery (2) Socioeconomic improvement of refugee camp (3) Urban Development in South Africa (4) Food waste reduction app (5) Intergenerational and community education
At the end of the programme, teams presented their projects to peers, observers and a panel of judges – Lesley McAra (Assistant Principal, Community Relations; Andy Kerr, Director ECCI; George Tarvit, Climate Change and Sustainability Manager at Keep Scotland Beautiful). The judges provided positive feedback on the ideas and urged each team to take their ideas forward. The judges, mentors and observers were impressed and supportive of the innovative educational models explored during the Jam. And though the Jam comes to an end after three intensive days, the teams will continue to be supported to progress their ideas further.
The Jam was also an opportunity for participants to utilise their latent creativity and apply what their theoretical learning into practice. Theoretical and research provides the power of knowledge but not the wisdom to apply it. It was about providing a judgement-free and nourishing environment to foster everyone’s creativity as well as character and skills development. The Jam supplies brimming minds with the opportunity necessary to stimulate the imagination. In essence, it was a demonstration of what organisational models are possible, and their potential to address the sustainability issues of our time.
The Edinburgh Sustainability Jam project is being led by Net Impact Edinburgh (a student group) and supported by the Global Environment and Society Academy (GESA), Department for Social Responsibility and Sustainability (SRS), Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (ECCI), and Innovative Learning Week (ILW). For further information please contactnetimpactedinburgh@gmail.com. The online photo album can be accessed through: http://on.fb.me/1klONYN
Written by Morgane Pérez-Huet; edited by Hassan Waheed
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  1. Check out Mini-Jam planned for 9.30-4pm Wed 17 February in Innovative Learning Week.

    3%. The amount the University needs to reduce its carbon emissions by each year; however, we aren’t near achieving this goal. This is where students and staff can step in and start the change. This Mini Jam will be a pioneering start to generate new ideas and practical plans to reach the 3%/year target.

    Real solutions require multidisciplinary approaches and we welcome everyone regardless of their academic background. This will be your chance to meet and work with people from completely different subjects.

    The aim of the Jam is to get the ball rolling and for real ideas to be created. Once the Jam finishes we hope you and your team will carry on what you have started.

    The Jam consists of getting into groups and coming up with initial ideas of how to tackle the 3% problem. Solutions can be anything from a policy proposal, new initiative idea or even an app! It is up to you! You’ll come up with practical solutions that can have positive knock on effects for the Edinburgh community.

    FREE tea, coffee and croissants at Registration from 9:30AM! FREE lunch at 1pm.


    10:00: Jam Begins
    10:00-10:15: Ice Breakers
    10:15-10:45: The Climate Challenge (Speakers: )
    10:45-11:30: Ideas Generation in groups
    11:30-13:00: Fermentation Process
    13:00-13:30: Food for the Brain
    13:30-15:00: Distilling the Ideas
    15:00-16:00: Sharing the Proposals with stakeholders

    It’s time to disrupt old ways and create new ones. Bring your laptop so we can search!

    FAQs Do I have to come with an existing idea to participate in the Jam? The only thing you need is an interest in making changes happen! If you have an idea – social, cultural, engineering, financial, practical – bring it along!

    Do I have to form a team before participating? The Jam is a place for meeting new people and stretching your brain with a group of new friends.

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