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The Year of Environment and Health

“A point has been reached in history when we must shape our actions throughout the world with a more prudent care for their environmental consequences. Through ignorance or indifference we can do massive and irreversible harm to the earthly environment … Continue reading

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The Counterfactual Geography of More Sustainable Energy.

In this blog post Dan Van der Horst explores our very human relationship with energy.  He challenges us to peek over the garden fence at the smorgasbord of sustainable energy practices being creatively devised and adopted by our European Neighbours.   … Continue reading

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Science Communication: It’s so much more than ‘Fracking Factoids’

This month’s blog by Dr. Elizabeth Stevenson examines the role of science communication and public engagement in empowering the public to critically engage with scientific issues, enabling them to make informed choices and decisions – and crucially, to ask the … Continue reading

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Do You Do Virtual?

In this short blog post, Dr Dave Reay examines the vast potential for technology in education to provide solutions for those seeking to reduce their own carbon footprint. He explores the reality of making personal sacrafices to live a low-carbon … Continue reading

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A Perspective on Responsible Investment in Times of Global Change

In this article, Stephen Porter examines some of the arguments around the issue of responsible investment – and raises provocative and pertinent questions about the risks of divestment in relation to personal pensions and charity endowment funds.  He challenges us to carefully … Continue reading

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Perspectives on Global Environmental Change: What does it mean for the University of Edinburgh to be a Responsible Investor?

“One is not born into the world to do everything but to do something.” ― Henry David Thoreau   The University of Edinburgh has a long and proud history of taking action to address environmental challenges and social concerns, and … Continue reading

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In this article, Dr. Elisa Morgera and Tom Gerald Daly explore the role that ‘Benefit-Sharing’ might be able to play in addressing the environmental challenges associated with the use of natural resources.  The authors pose important questions about Benefit-Sharing and … Continue reading

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Learning for Sustainability in Times of Accelerating Change

In this article Dr. Hamish Ross discusses the value of interdisciplinary conversations in policy and research, in organisations like GESA, and in his own discipline of Environmental Education.  He argues that at a time of rapid and complex planetary change, … Continue reading

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The Four Tortoisemen of the Apocalypse

In this blog post Dr. Richard Milne makes the case that the greatest threats to human civilisation – contrary to media hype, take place slowly over very long periods of time.  These threats are are driven by our own society’s … Continue reading

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Climate Skepticism or Denial? The Battle to Inform Public Opinion

Perspectives on Science Communication and Climate Change by Dr. Richard Milne In this blog, Dr. Richard Milne argues that one of the key battle grounds in climate science will be fought with the world’s media.  He makes the case that … Continue reading

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