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From the normal to the uncertain

An Earthquake is a massive event in every way, it quite literally shakes you out of your normal life and immediately throws you into uncertainty.

Unlike a hurricane or typhoon you can’t see it coming and you don’t know exactly when you will be in the clear. It is precisely this uncertainty that makes the union of individuals, communities ,governments and organizations in the relief efforts following an earthquake all the more remarkable.

All of those who arrived in Nepal following the quake have no certainty that they will not experience an aftershock that might again throw everything into chaos. They are putting their lives at risk just as much as those of us who experienced the quake on April 25th. They have all come together , Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Israel, France, China, the United States and many more ignoring the usual political tensions that exists between nations to work together. Despite the press the government of Nepal has received we have witnessed hundreds of government officials of all levels working tirelessly to deliver aid, to make sure the wounded receive treatment and that people have shelter.  There are also amazing local NGOs here in Nepal such as BibekSheel that alone has delivered more than 10 tons of aid to Gorkha , that’s more than most large INGOs have delivered!

All of the Nepalis who have worked non-stop during this response have left their own families and homes to help others in their country. Many have suffered damage to their own houses but have chosen to give to others. While the disaster here in the Kathmandu valley and in other districts in Nepal has been devastating, underneath that layer of debris and ruble that we see on television is : dedication, caring and a deep love for humanity from all who are here and all who have come to serve.

Let’s lift that debris off and let those values be seen both here on the ground in Nepal and in each of our lives every day.


Jay Evans, Regional Director , Asia for Medic Mobile
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