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Film Series


How are we to judge actions, inactions and rationalisations of people who find themselves in a murky grey zone of complicity with violence? What does ethics demand of us in dreadful, even impossible, situations? The film series explores cinematic depictions that bring the thorny issue of complicity to the fore, focusing on Nazi-occupied France, apartheid South Africa, Argentina’s Dirty War and Communist Romania. In selecting these four critically acclaimed films, we aim to provoke reflection on ambiguous aspects of violence and human rights abuses. A guiding premise of the event is that reckoning with such experiences is essential to learning from past atrocities and preventing future catastrophes.

The films will be introduced by academics and there is no entry fee. Please book your free tickets here:


All projections will take place at Cameo Edinburgh, 38 Home St, Edinburgh EH3 9LZ



7 March 2017, 5 pm: The Headless Woman (2008, Lucrecia Martel)

Introduced by Dr Charlotte Gleghorn (University of Edinburgh) and Dr Mihaela Mihai (University of Edinburgh).


14 March 2017, 5 pm: The Paper Will be Blue (2006, Radu Muntean)

Introduced by Dr Claire Duncanson (University of Edinburgh) and Gisli Vogler (University of Edinburgh).


21 March 2017, 5 pm: Skin (2008, Anthony Fabian)

Introduced by Dr Sarah-Jane Cooper-Knock (University of Edinburgh) and Dr Maša Mrovlje (University of Edinburgh).


28 March 2017, 5 pm: Story of Women (1988, Claude Chabrol)

Introduced by Dr Cristina Johnston (University of Stirling) and Dr Hugh McDonnell (University of Edinburgh).


The film series is funded by the European Commission through the European Research Council Starting Grant Illuminating the “Grey Zone” , with the support of the Global Justice Academy.