Neuropolitics Experiment Now Running

NRLlogo_online_2colourAre you aged between 18 and 30 (inclusive) and eligible to vote in the upcoming EU Referendum here in the UK?  Then why not come and visit the brand new Neuropolitics Research Laboratory at Edinburgh University and take part in an experiment.

Lasting between 35 and 55 minutes, you’ll watch a series of video clips relating to contemporary European politics and issues. The task is just to watch each clip carefully before providing simple feedback on what you have just seen.  While watching the videos your facial emotional reaction will be automatically analysed from your webcam image.  There are also some standard demographic and personality questions to complete at the start and end of the experiment.

As an added incentive you’ll receive a total of £10 to cover any travel expenses and as compensation for your time.

For further details and to select a suitable time please sign up by using the Eventbrite system at:

This will issue you with a “ticket” to take part (there is no need to print this – it is just a convenient way of managing the sign-up process).