Volunteers needed! (Neuropolitics fMRI study)


We are inviting healthy volunteers from Scotland who are interested in participating an exciting fMRI study from our newly launched NRLabs Neuropolitics Research (see also our website http://www.pol.ed.ac.uk/neuropoliticsresearch), School of Social and Political Science at the University of Edinburgh.

We are currently looking for people from Scotland to take part in the study, which involves having an MR scan. This will involve lying on your back in the scanner for up to one hour, watching videos and playing an interactive game. We will be looking at which parts of your brain are activated during this process. If you are new to MR scanning, experiencing an MR scan can be quite noisy for you at first. We will provide you with ear plugs and headphones to minimise MR noise. Usually participants relax fairly quickly and get used to hearing the MR noise during their scans.

If you are interested in taking part, you can follow the link below and fill out a short survey to check your suitability for MR scanning. Even if you do this you are free to change your mind and withdraw at any time, without a problem. Any information we collect from this survey will be anonymised and will not be shared.


If selected to participate in our MR study, you will be given £20 to cover out of pocket expenses. Please feel free to forward this link to anyone you know who might also be interested. For further questions or inquiries, please contact Sujin Hong (sujin.hong@ed.ac.uk). Thank you.