Understanding What the European Union Means to You: Neuropolitics, Behaviour and Identity

euro+jack_straightOn Europe Day, May 9th 2016, the Neuropolitics Research Lab is popping up at the National Library of Scotland. University of Edinburgh researchers introduce a unique approach to understanding what the European Union means to you. Join our interactive drop-in workshops and lightning talks, exploring what our brains, behaviour and even our activities on social media reveal about our attitudes to the EU. View the #myimageoftheEU gallery throughout the day and even add your own image. In the evening, sign up for the expert Q&A session on What the European Means in Different Parts of the UK.

The daytime event is unticketed so feel free to pop in throughout the day.


10.00 – 12.00 Brain, Behaviour and Attitudes to The European Union

A drop in session for demonstrations of what our brains, behaviour and social media activities tell us about our attitudes to the European Union this includes hands-on workshops. View our #myimageoftheEU gallery and watch or join in our interactive sessions to learn more about what eye-tracking, face-emotion coding, social media analysis and brain imaging can tell us about our attitudes to the EU.

12.00 – 14.00 What Does the EU Really Mean To You?

Catch one of our lightning talks on how the public imagines the European Union and what neuropolitics can tell us about this. A series of different talks, each lasting 10 minutes, will start every 20 minutes. You are welcome to drop in for a specific talk or stay for as many as you can. In addition view our #myimageoftheEU gallery, we asked the public to tweet how they see the EU see a gallery of the best and most though provoking images and add your own.

14.00 – 16.00 Closed session for schools visit and workshop

18.00 – 19.30 ‘What Does the EU Mean’ – Panel discussion and a Q&A

The discussion is to be chaired by Kenneth Macdonald, BBC Scotland Science Correspondent, the speakers include Professor Anand Menon, King College London, Director UK in a Changing EU programme; Professor Micheal Keating, University of Aberdeen, Director Centre for Constitutional Change and Senior Fellow, UK in a Changing EU programme; Dr Huw Pritchard member of the Wales Governance Centre and Professor Laura Cram, Director NRlabs Neuropolitics Research, University of Edinburgh, and Senior Fellow, UK in a Changing EU programme.

Tickets for the evening event can be obtained through eventbrite: