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Answering the West Lothian Question

Professor Charlie Jeffery of the University of Edinburgh describes the process behind the McKay Commission report, an important step forward in answering the West Lothian Question.  THE McKay Commission on the Consequences of Devolution for the House of Commons publishes … Continue reading

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After the Referendum

In a piece originally published at the UK Constitutional Law Blog, Professor Stephen Tierney turns his attention to the process which might ensue following a yes vote, looking to the paper published by the Scottish Government on independence and the … Continue reading

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Our Friends in the North East

Richard Parry, a Reader in Social Policy at the University of Edinburgh highlights an English dimension in the current debate. He notes that local leaders in the North East fear competition from Scotland, either devolved or independent, and may come … Continue reading

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The West Lothian question taken to a new level

In a oped originally published in Scotland on Sunday, Professor Michael Keating discusses the implications for David Cameron’s proposed referendum on Europe, drawing attention to isolationist tendencies amongst British Conservatives. David Cameron is heading into a cul-de-sac. He promises a … Continue reading

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