Event: How do we write the rules in a good Scottish democracy?

ERS Scotland invites you to join us to hear some of the ideas we’ve being talking about in relation to how we might introduce effective checks and balances to ensure a good democracy in Scotland is guaranteed and protected.

As part of our Democracy Max inquiry, we asked the people of Scotland for their ideas about a good Scottish democracy at a day long deliberative discussion: The People’s Gathering. Then, each chapter of the findings of the People’s Gathering is being discussed by a roundtable of academics, commentators, campaigners and community activitists.
We’re at the end of stage three of the process and we want to hear your thoughts and ideas at an interactive conversation and discussion event.

Some of the questions asked during the ‘How do we write the rules?’ phase of the inquiry include:

  • As we enter the next phase of Scotland’s devolution journey, should we take stock of progress so far and ask if the Scottish Parliament is meeting the aspirations of 1999?
  • Whatever the result of the referendum should we consider some kind of participative consultation across Scotland to find out how Scotland should shape it’s democratic future?
  • If we instigate such a deliberative and inclusive process, would it inevitably require some kind of written constitution type document to result?
  • Should both the campaigns and all the parties be asked to sign up to key democratic principles which would be respected whatever the result of the referendum?

If you are interested in discussing these issues, or have additional ideas or suggestions for how we might guarantee rights and responsibilities in a good Scottish democracy, please join us on Thursday August 8th at the Graham Hills Building, George Street, Glasgow. 6.30pm-8.30pm.

Register here: http://democracy-max.eventbrite.co.uk/

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