Event: Michael Ignatieff Lecture

Keynote Speaker: Professor Michael Ignatieff

Keynote Speaker: Professor Michael Ignatieff

Michael Ignatieff Lecture
‘The Crisis of Democratic Sovereignty’
University of Toronto / Harvard Kennedy School
23 May 2013, 5:30PM
Surgeon’s Hall, Edinburgh
Sponsored by The Global Justice Academy
Attendance is FREE. ALL WELCOME. Reception to follow

Conference also free for all Edinburgh participants – http://bit.ly/12mx5JC.
Registration with Simon.Kershaw@ed.ac.uk

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  1. Edward Abbot says:

    I enjoyed the lecture and agreed completely with Professor Ignatief’s concepts concerning the need for the individual sovereignty of a State to preserve the democracy of its people the concept of “Master of Your own House, is valid and fundamental to the control of a Global Economy. The European Community is an outstanding example of what can take place when t he 26 individual States lose sovereign control. However, in my opinion, when states move in a direction that is subsequently found dysfunctional it is impossible to turn back the clock. This is as a result of many realistic, functional and most important political factors. However, the lack of necessary sovereignty will evolve into something more acceptable but new. My question to Professor Ignatief is how this will evolve and what, in his opinion will be the new configuration of Liberal Democratic States to enable them to deal with the Global Market.

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