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Sustainable materialism in practice? Notes from a workshop

Elizabeth Bomberg reflects on the ‘Sustainable Materialism Workshop’, which examined emerging social movements in sustainability and the shifting nature of environmental practices and advocacy. By Professor Elizabeth Bomberg, Deputy Director of GESA and Professor of Environmental Politics, School of Social … Continue reading

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Two sides of the climate change coin: climate science and policy after COP21

Overview Since the first establishment of the scientific evidence for climate change, little progress has been made in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to mitigate the problem. The pathways along which governments pass in gathering scientific evidence and negotiating climate … Continue reading

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COP21: What is it all about?

Starting in Paris on 30 November 2015, COP21 is tasked to set the world on a path to address the greatest challenge to ever face humankind, by adopting a new climate agreement. The Paris agreement is expected to bring states … Continue reading

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Keeping the buzz on – interdisciplinary reflection on the protection of bees The controversial path: the prohibition of neonicotinoids

In 1994, French beekeepers started to blow the whistle on the abnormal behaviour and disappearance of their bee colonies foraging on sunflowers and maize. Quickly, beekeepers considered “Gaucho”, a new neonicotinoid authorised the same year for the treatment of sunflower … Continue reading

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Keeping the Buzz on – Interdisciplinary Reflections on the Protection of Bees

  We care about bees. Bees are unusual insects in that we humans find them so appealing. The publicity about the decline of bee populations has led to people donning bee costumes and lobbying parliaments about pesticides, the planting of … Continue reading

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