The Just World Institute was founded in 2008 to foster interdisciplinary research into the global challenges facing the international order, with particular attention to their ethical dimensions. Core academic staff include social and political philosophers who collaborate with associates whose expertise spans political science, international relations, philosophy, social anthropology, law, sociology, geography, economics, criminology, business management, African studies and South Asian studies. The Institute’s distinctive role is to harness the University’s capacities for ethical reflection on human values, social responsibility and the moral demands of justice. These capacities are mobilised in interdisciplinary research projects oriented to understanding and influencing the principles, policies and institutions of international order in their economic, political, social, and security dimensions. Our work focuses particularly on three overlapping thematic areas: global justice & human rights; security, conflict & peace; environment, natural resources & climate change.

The JWI’s Ethics Forum supports academic and public debate on the ethical dimensions of contemporary concerns, with standing groups addressing the ethical dimensions of core research and teaching themes of the University’s Global Academies. The Ethics Forum also promotes debate and understanding of the principles of social responsibility, sustainability and high ethical standards that form part of the University’s strategic aims. This includes the University’s newly convened Fair Trade Academic Network.

The JWI also coordinates masters courses and programmes that join normative approaches to ethics and justice with more empirically-focussed investigation of contemporary social and global challenges like climate change, human rights, global health, international development and war, intervention, conflict, peace and reconstruction.

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