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  1. joxe says:

    I have been informed about this blog by Jule
    I was a friend of Neil MacCormick’s. He was my thesis supervisor. I always admired him, he was amazing to his final days. We held interesting discussions on self-determination, Europe and Stateless Nations (nations without their own state). In the Basque Country we started our own experimentation on co-sovereignty in 2002; Catalonia is preparing it now, but the legal and political cultures are quite different in Scotland and the UK and in Euskadi and Spain. We still have much to learn from each other, but I get the impression that sometimes we go it alone: it is a race between Stateless nations to secede and get member-statehood in the EU and then forget about those other Stateless nations who are in the same race. Meanwhile, those who are staunch opponents of internal enlargement are coalescing. I may be wrong

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