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‘Young people cannot be trusted with political decisions’ – Why actually?

Following the first major survey of the views of young people on independence by researchers at the University of Edinburgh, Jan Eichhorn, a member of the research team, argues that whatever their current opinions, young Scots are keen to engage … Continue reading

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The Unbalanced Sterling Zone

In last month’s post, Dr Robert Zymek discussed an independent Scotland’s choice of currency in terms of the theory of Optimal Currency Areas (OCA). In this post, I assume that Scotland and the rest of the UK (rUK) do form … Continue reading

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Spying on Scotland: A Modest Proposal

In this piece, Andrew Neal reflects on the recent US spying scandal, particularly in light of revelations that the British GCHQ was making use of this intelligence. This piece was originally published on securitypolitics on 11 June 2013. The recent … Continue reading

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SNP must set out their welfare vision

Nicola McEwen addresses the implications of independence on welfare provisions and reforms, and notes that shared service agreements recommended in the post-independence transition period might limit the degree of differentiation between the system of Scotland and the rest of the UK.  Welfare … Continue reading

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Lost in Translation

Dr Wilson McLeod scrutinises the place of the Gaelic language in the independence debate and criticises the Scottish Government’s ‘illogical’ decision not to issue a bilingual ballot paper in the referendum  It is a commonplace that language plays only a … Continue reading

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