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Why is Scottish independence unclear?

In a post at the UK Constitutional Law Association, Stephen Tierney reflects on outstanding issues on the debate and the role that academics can and should play in bringing people answers. As commentators we seem to end many of our contributions to the … Continue reading

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Welfare policy takes its place in the Scottish policy arena

Richard Parry addresses the evolution of Scottish welfare policy, noting that ‘it is clear that UK welfare reform policy has had the unintended effect of knocking social protection like a curling stone into the house of Scottish-driven policy debate’ At … Continue reading

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Hijacking the Debate

In a post originally published at the Scottish Constitutional Futures Forum, Neil Walker discusses the nature of interventions by the president of the EU Commission and the ramifications it might play in the debate. He argues in favour of national … Continue reading

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Four reasons a Scottish Conservative might vote ‘Yes’ in 2014

In a piece originally published by the LSE British Politics and Policy blog, Edinburgh’s Alan Convery examines the potential motivations and intentions of Scottish Conservative voters. At first glance it might seem odd that a former Conservative MSP has announced that he will … Continue reading

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Why George Osborne declassified official policy advice

Why did the Chancellor move to cite policy and legal advice which is normally protected from Freedom of Information requests? The University of Edinburgh’s Richard Parry discusses George Osborne’s speech in the context of Westminster’s strategy. Normally ministers fight to their … Continue reading

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Scottish independence and the EU

In a post on The Future of the UK and Scotland, Michael Keating responds to the intervention from Commission president, Jose Manuel Barroso regarding Scotland’s future in the EU should it vote for independence. In this piece, Michael asserts that … Continue reading

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The implications of losing the pound sterling for business: Game changer

The University of Edinburgh’s Brad MacKay examines the potential impact that Chancellor George Osborne’s speech may have on the business community. This post was originally published by The Future of the UK and Scotland.  Today’s announcement by the Chancellor of … Continue reading

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Getting to Maybe: Currency, Debt, and the Pre-negotiation of Independence

Writing at the Future of the UK and Scotland blog, Christine Bell reflects on whether the Chancellor’s speech represents pre-negotiation and what that might mean for the campaign. The UK government up until now has clearly stated that it is … Continue reading

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Higher Education in a Small Country

Professor Ferdinand Von Prondzynski, Principal of Robert Gordon University, looks to Ireland when examining the implications of independence for higher education. In 2011 I was appointed Principal and Vice-Chancellor of Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen. As my name maybe doesn’t suggest, … Continue reading

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Video: Scottish Social Attitudes 2013

ScotCen / NatCen Social Research and What Scotland Thinks are kicked off the New Year with a major conference on Scotland’s independence referendum. Chaired by BBC Scotland’s Political Editor Brian Taylor, the all day event on 22 January considered how … Continue reading

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