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The Future of Scotland: Attitudes of 14-17 year olds on the Scottish independence referendum

Wednesday, June 5, 2013 – 12:30 to 15:00
Hosted by AQMeN
Royal College of Physicians, 9 Queen Street, Edinburgh

During this event results from the first representative survey of 14-17 year olds in Scotland regarding the 2014 independence referendum will be presented. Funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) a team of researchers from the University of Edinburgh has designed and conducted a Scotland-wide survey of this age group. The understanding of their views is crucial, considering the lowering of the voting age to 16 for the referendum which will see most people in this age group able to cast their vote. So far there has not been a comprehensive and representative survey of this group.

This event will provide the first opportunity to engage with the results from the breadth of themes covered in the survey. The project does not simply provide a poll on the main referendum question, but sets of questions addressing themes relating to:

  • Views on the idea of an independent Scotland
  • Attitudes towards politics
  • Perceptions of national identity
  • Differences in socio-demographic background
  • Parental views on an independent Scotland

The questions used in the survey are based on existing large-scale adult surveys, but have been piloted also in a school with 110 pupils allowing the research team to refine the questions to become more meaningful to young people. Some reflection on the views from those involved in the pilot will be presented as well. After the presentation of the results there will be substantial room for discussion and an outlook for further work with this data

Attendance is free for AQMeN members however, places are limited and you must register here.

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